My last six weeks

We celebrated an incredible Christmas, here’s one of my new cool awesome Christmas gifts.

The whole family pre-run.

Awesome shoes, great training aid. Not so great for a graded, gravel trail run at night with a pack if you slam your toe into a rock!

Fractured toe.

Dr.’s orders, “Stiff soled shoes, don’t bend it, no running for 4 weeks.” Grrrr….. Took a whole week off (haven’t done that in years!), celebrated the New Year and put on a few pounds. Then I realized, bike shoes are stiff. As a bonus, these Lakes have a big toe box.  Trainer time! Spinervals, Tour the Divide, TransRockies, and RAAM kept me company.

A few weeks later I went out for my first run. Six miles on the same trail and my foot hurt. It hurt even more the next morning but later that day was fine. A few runs later and I was as ready as I could be for Michelle’s upcoming New Years Diet (pushed to Feb).

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed running until I couldn’t do it. I feel fortunate this was a relatively minor injury and happened at about the best time it could have.  Got to keep a positive attitude!

See you outside,


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